People are often intrigued by who India is. Wondering and ever so slightly uncomfortable about asking the question…”Is this person real or am I now outsourcing…to India?”
Well…I’m here to assure you that I am a real person. I didn’t change my name. Born and raised in England, in the 60’s & 70’s, by the way of extremely creative parents who bucked even the trends of their time by living and working life their way.  I am now creating my own beautiful life in Ontario, Canada.  Designing. Dancing. Dreaming. (As we all could).
This business started out in the late 90’s when designing in FrontPage was the bees knees. (Yes, I’ve been playing here for a long time). With a vision of a sexier, more inspiring Internet experience, Inspired by India was conceived and guides you to the next level (imagine $$) in your business. Just reach out and I’ll be happy to start mind-mapping the love with you. Casual attire or dance wear encouraged.
I am deeply honoured to be a tribe member of Zentrepreneur Elite, a private mastermind of Vishen Lakhiani‘s, as well as, Marie Forleo‘s B-School. Two people you should likely start following. Not only for their unbelievable business savvy, but because they are real people, doing epic projects to push humanity forward. When you get to play in the sandbox of mentors like these, you can’t help but up-level your game. And then it just keeps pulsing out. They share what they learn, we share what we learn, you share what you learn. That matters.
When I’m not at my desk, you’ll find me either sipping on good wine or engrossed in my Nia practice. Nia is my therapy (more than wine) and keeps my body, mind, spirit & emotion temple aligned. I’m usually more creative after dancing or drinking. #mytruth
If you decide to work with us then you’ll also be working with Chris {aka Christine}. She’s your go to person for everything other than design. She’ll admit her stick figures fall down. Always good to know your limits…right?
Chris brings impressive knowledge and experience on the tech and training side. With an education in internet security and mega hours of tech support and educational training with Research in Motion (Blackberry) for many years…she’s the geek you want in your corner! Plus…she’s a total rock-star when it comes to research. Your ultimate Google Gal, Tech Talker & Basecamp Boss.
I don’t believe there is a one size fits all in my line of work. Hooray for both of us.
This means we have a design conversation first, so I can see what your business dreams are.
We’ll be discussing goals, immediate needs and future growth, what’s working (or not) and yes…budget!
P.S. I have limited space available for the next few months, so let’s chat real quick. K?

If you’re not quite ready yet, but would love to stay Inspired . . .